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Pescatarian Passengers? Peruse The Ocean Bounty Of Nassau, Sint Maarten and St. Barts


Nothing screams premium louder than menu items like lobster, octopus, and scallops, and at Flying Seahorse, our team knows premium.

For pescatarians, our selection of seafood and fish-centered dishes is first-class. It's kind of like everything else we do!


Dive Into Seafood Dishes in Our Private Jet Menus: St. Barts, Saint-Marteen, and Nassau

What could be more fitting than a passenger feasting on a plate of local seafood as the private jet edges closer to Nassau or St. Barts? Very little. 

Let’s explore the deluxe seafood offerings from our menu at Flying Seahorse. 


Seafood Starters for Pescatarian Private Jet Passengers

  • Red Mahi Mahi Gravlax: Crafted with the finest Mahi Mahi straight from the pristine waters of Nassau, this delectable delight beckons to connoisseurs seeking a symphony of flavors and a feast for the senses. This dish is a specialty that pops with color and delicate fish flavor.

  • Scallop Carpaccio: Honestly, for passengers with a passion for scallops, this is a must. It is an outrageously delicious starter that delivers succulent, sweet little scallops with a perfect Yuzu sauce. The dish is finished off with Pink pepper, lemon zest, wakame, and light side salad.

  • Tuna Tataki: Tuna is a jewel of the waters surrounding St. Barts, Nassau, and Saint-Martin. In this tataki, the tuna gets lightly seared and then accessorized with fluffy lime foam, homemade pickled vegetables, and lemony olive oil.


Pescatarian Perfect Salads

  • Seafood: The name says it all, right? In case it needs more clarification, picture our all-time favorite. This dish is for the seafood-obsessed: fans of lobster, scallops, prawns, and octopus are all featured in this gourmet salad.

  • Nicoise: The joy and taste of summer in the French Riveria are the close cousins of St.Barts and Saint-Martin, right? For this reason, a classic French summer salad features on our menu: salad niçoise. This authentic recipe showcases local tuna, bright pops of tomato, briny olives, eggs, peppers, salad, and a vinaigrette.

  • King Crab Salad: This bright salad heroes delicate sweet crab from the local islands. The tender crab meat is paired with tart Granny Smith apples, cucumber, pepper, tomatoes, and tobico fish roe.


Seafood Main Dishes at Flying Seahorse 

  • Fresh Lobster: Talk about kicking the trip off with a bang! Passengers ordering this dish get treated to one whole kilo of incredibly fresh lobster plucked from the depths of Nassau, St.Barts, and Saint-Martin. 

The lobster can be enjoyed grilled or oven-baked. It gets smothered in a light coating of garlic and herb butter. 

  • Lobster Tail: For lobster lovers, pescatarians, and serious foodies, this is a must-try main at Flying Seahorse. This lobster is served with tender asparagus tartare, ricotta, citrus, ginger sauce, and smoked paprika oil. 

  • King Prawns: One of our most popular choices en route to Nassau, St.Barts, or Saint-Martin, plump, perfectly cooked prawns are the ultimate pescatarian main course. 

  • Scallops: These are an easy-eating choice while still being ultra-gourmet. They are bite-size scallops that are bursting at the seams with flavor.

  • Red snapper miso: For pescatarians wanting a light, gut-healthy meal, this miso is served with red snapper and a choice of side dishes. Bahamas red snapper is prolific in these waters and a go-to fish for chefs to showcase the fruits of the sea for travelers visiting Nassau, Saint-Martin, or St. Barts.


  • Fillet of Tuna: This is great for pescatarian passengers who want something simple.  The local yellowfin tuna has a subtle taste and perfect meaty-fish texture. 

  • Mahi Mahi papillote: We love this way to enjoy Mahi Mahi—it cooks gently inside the paper parcel and is then served in Champagne sauce. It's a touch of fancy, and we are here for it!


Flying Seahorse Gastronomic Fish

Let’s get seriously gastronomic…in case we weren’t already. This section of the menu is a pescatarian’s playground. 

  • Flambéed Gambas: Pretty as a sunset in St. Barts, these gambas are served with a light rum and passionfruit sauce. The tart sauce is utter perfection with the savory gambas. Our flambeed gambas are served with coriander lime rice for a nourishing dish. 

  • Royal Octopus: Succulent, juicy, and insanely delicious, this octopus is sautéed, tender, and caramelized in an umami-loaded Asian sauce with herbs, served with wok veggies. 

  • Fillet of Red Snapper: This easy-going meal is great for pescatarians looking for a light main course. It is served with black rice and a fresh Colombo sauce. 

  • Imperial Teppanyaki Trio: Travellers can get busy with this trio of scallops, prawns, lobster, served with jasmine rice & sautéed bok choy. Why choose when you can have all three? That’s the epitome of refined dining luxury. 


Risotto and Soup at Flying Seahorse

  • Lobster Risotto: This is one of those super cozy, comforting dishes. Plus, it’s extra-gourmet thanks to the delicate, perfectly cooked lobster tail. This is an excellent choice for a passenger on the hungry (pre-hangry) side.

  • Lobster with bisque and lobster tail: Bisque is essentially a French-style soup with a robust sauce and multiple layers of flavor. In this recipe, lobster shells are roasted to inject ultra-rich lobster flavor. As deep as the flavor is, this soup is lovely and light.


Wrapping It Up

Flying Seahorse is a top-quality private jet catering company that produces top-quality in-flight experiences through a deep understanding of process, logistics, industry, and passenger knowledge.

To find out more, call us on WhatsApp at +33643538619 or email us at . Let’s talk through your specific luxury gourmet catering needs.


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