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5 Healthy Jet Menu Options Onboard a Private Jet to Nassau


At Flying Seahorse, on Windsor Field Road, Nassau – approximately 10 minutes away from Lynden Pindling International Airport, day or night holds no special place here. The humans who run this city of interest to thousands of private jet clients are up for hours. Fresh, seasonal produce flooding the gates. Plump, heirloom tomatoes bursting with sunshine. Delicate chives, whispers of secret gardens, add intrigue to creamy dips. Burrata, flown fresh from Italy, prepares to serenade palates with its rich embrace. The list knows no end, but one thing is for sure: 

Quality is what drives the private jet meals force – especially the healthy jet menu options.


Are nutritious foods really a thing?


If you want to read about quality and bespoke culinary experiences, you can check out “Bespoke Culinary Experiences on Private Jets: A Guide to High-End Gourmet Dining at Altitude.” 

The blog post you’re reading at the moment covers some of Flying Seahorse’s healthy jet menu options for private jet clients. In other words, nutritious foods. It’s not an easy topic, because as Michael Pollan puts it: 

“Nutrition science is… a very young science. It’s still trying to figure out exactly what happens in your body when you sip a soda, or what is going on deep in the soul of a carrot to make it so good for you, or why in the world you have so many neurons—brain cells!—in your stomach, of all places.” Michael Pollan, Food Rules.

Food science has become the stuff of fierce debate. What’s a healthy food and what’s not? Is there even such a thing as “healthy jet menu options”?

The short answer, we don’t really know. Or, as food scientists would tell you, “we’re not there yet.”

Although nutritionists know what would happen if your diet is not rich, they don’t really know what’s going on when the food gets into your system.

As things stand right now, as long as your diet is diverse and you exercise regularly, you’re good to go. On that note, let’s kickstart this blog post with 5 healthy jet menu options for private jet clients specially curated by Michelin-starred chefs in Nassau.


5 Healthy Jet menu options for private jet clients in Nassau


You can do better than kale smoothies or trendy berries. This isn't some marketing ploy with fancy labels. Promise. This dish screams loud and proud of forgotten trade routes and vibrant markets. What makes the Super-Food one of the best healthy jet menu options for private jet clients? Well, it’s got explosive pomegranates, creamy avocados (a gift of the Aztecs), Nutty quinoa, cool and familiar cucumbers, tomatoes, protein-packed chia seeds, toasted pumpkin seeds, and zingy lemon vinaigrette. This is one dish that’s got history, not hype.


This is one of those healthy jet menu options that flex with the times – a seafood platter fit for the most dedicated fans. Succulent lobster, sweet scallops, and juicy prawns mingle with the intriguing texture of octopus – all artfully arranged on a bed of mixed greens that scream of vibrancy. Friends, you’re visiting Nassau. This private jet meal transcends a mere meal. You’re conjuring images of turquoise waters and pristine beaches.


So, you’re craving Nassau and all the goodness it provides, but your stomach aches for an… “Italian Job.” At Flying Seahorse, Nassau’s premier private jet catering service, Michelin-starred chefs curate sublime Caprese salads, eye-catching healthy menu options that unfurl Italian flair. 

Luscious red, orange, and yellow heirloom tomatoes burst with color, their tapestry adorned with emerald green chives, plump pearl-white burrata, and crunchy pine nuts. Glistening swirls of pesto weave through the composition, while delicate tendrils of basil add a final touch of freshness.


Discerning private jet clients might gravitate towards the Niçoise salad for several reasons. Here are a few:

  • Sophistication and Provenance: The Niçoise salad originates from the French Riviera, a well-known playground for the rich and famous. Choosing a Niçoise can signal a certain level of sophistication and appreciation for international cuisine.

  • Freshness and Lightness: While luxurious, private jet clients may still be conscious of health and maintaining a certain physique. The Niçoise salad, with its focus on fresh vegetables, lean protein like tuna, and a light vinaigrette, offers a satisfying yet balanced private jet meal.

  • Customizable: A Michelin-starred chef can tailor the Niçoise to individual preferences. Private jet clients might request adjustments to the protein, vegetables, or dressing to get that personalized experience.

  • Travel Connection: The French Riviera itself is a popular destination for private jet clients. Choosing a Niçoise can evoke pleasant memories of past trips or anticipation for future ones.

  • Presentation: An expertly crafted Niçoise can be visually stunning. It reflects the exclusivity and luxury associated with private jet meals and travel.

At Flying Seahorse, we don’t make your average Niçoise (although we wouldn’t say no if that’s what you want). This Michelin-approved masterpiece transcends Riviera clichés… as our private chefs deliver a punch of flavor tailored for your delight. 

With our sashimi-grade tuna tataki, seared rare then sliced against a backdrop of vibrant spring greens. Juicy cherry tomatoes burst in your mouth, their sweetness balanced by the salty tang of Niçoise olives and a whisper of anchovy. Hard-boiled eggs add richness, while crisp peppers bring a welcome crunch. But the star of the show is the private chef’s vinaigrette, a melody of acidity, herbs, and olive oil, tying everything together in a blend of Provençal perfection. More than a healthy jet menu option, this is a flavor bomb that underscores the significance of high-end gourmet inflight catering that Flying Seahorse promises when private jet clients arrive at Nassau.

Fillet of Duck 

Fillet of Duck is one of our best healthy jet menu options designed to invigorate your palate and body. Sourced from local Bahamian farms, it transcends indulgence without sacrificing flavor. Tenderly marinated and glazed in a tropical dish of passion fruit honey. This private jet meal bursts with tangy sweetness and subtle floral notes.

Accompanying this culinary gem is a delectable medley of fresh, local vegetables. Crisp green peas and delicate snow peas offer spring-like freshness, while the creamy sweet potato mash, infused with Caribbean spices, adds a touch of earthy comfort. 


Private jet clients can’t afford to eat greasy private jet meals that weigh down. What you want is a light yet satisfying menu option. Check out our menu for more private jet meals.

Author: Imad Guemmah

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