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A Spotlight on Vegetarian Dishes to Enjoy in the Clouds


In this post, Flying Sea Horse spills the tea on our sensational vegetarian options which reflect the dreamy island destinations we flit in and out of: Saint Barthélemy, Saint-Martin and Nassau.

As a flight attendant, you NEVER want your vegetarian dish offering to play second fiddle to the standard menu offerings.

At Flying Seahorse, we never let ourselves get out of date, ever. Our private jet catering service is all about top-notch, top-trending plates delivered seamlessly by our incredible Flying Seahorse team.

Here’s how to deliver a sensational vegetarian range as part of your premium private jet in-flight offering.


Breakfast: Vegetarian Dishes for Private Jet Catering

Our sumptuous Breakfast menu is grouped into Viennoiserie & Danish, Cornflakes, Salty Breakfast, and Dairy. All four categories are loaded with vegetarian dishes – there is no need to break a sweat when it comes to breakfast.

For veggie-lovers after high-protein, low-cal dishes, the chia with yogurt is a perfect option. While we are on the topic, check out our article about high-protein, low-calorie menu choices.

Hold up, what if your traveler identifies as a lacto or an ovolactovegetarian? Do. Not. Panic. Here’s the low down:


Ovolactovegetarian vs lactovegetarian: What’s the skinny?

Ovolactovegetarians and lactovegetarians both stick to vegetarian diets but with nuanced differences.

Ovolactovegetarians eat eggs, dairy, fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, and seeds, leaving out any meat, poultry, and seafood. This diet offers diverse protein sources and essential nutrients like B12 and calcium.

In contrast, lactovegetarians skip eggs but include dairy in their regimen. They rely heavily on dairy for protein and calcium.

Choosing between them often depends on personal preferences, nutritional needs, and philosophical beliefs.


Starters: Luscious Vegetarian Dish Options

Embedded in our collection of starters are salads that tick the box for tasty vegetarian dishes. Our Greek salad is an authentic mix of salty, savory ingredients we all know and love: briney olives, bright tomatoes, velvety feta cheese, and the perfect Greek salad dressing.

Another delightful vegetarian dish option to start with is the Super Food Salad. Antioxidant-filled Quinoa provides the base to this nourishing bowl while mango, tomato, and pomegranates freshen it up. The lemony vinaigrette is the perfect binder for this wellness-giving starter. Passengers will start their meal feeling light and refreshed!

Still in the Salad section, there is a pretty Caprese plate with all the classic Italian flavors you’d expect: bright tomatoes, toasty pinenuts, silky burratina cheese, olives, and fresh basil pesto. Always a winner – this is a failproof choice for our vegetarians.

If in doubt, the raw vegetable platter with dips is the perfect nibble-board while floating in the skies en route to paradise.


Main Courses: Sky-shattering Vegetarian Dishes

Dipping into the main course section, within the tartars, is the Zucchini Tartar. Honestly, whether you’re vegetarian or not, this is a must-try. Tender violin zucchini is partnered with creamy avocado, rice, tomatoes, cucumber, and toasted sunflower seeds. This all gets dressed in a fresh vinegar dressing.

Another main vegetarian dish not to miss is the vegan burger with quinoa at the base and sweet spices.

Saffron with graffiti cauliflower risotto is both comforting and glows from the golden spice. The risotto with asparagus or seasoning vegetables is another cozy vegetarian dish.

In terms of pasta, the truffle and burrata pasta is ultra-gourmet.


Vegetarian Main Course Menu

Let’s look closer at what’s on offer in the dedicated vegetarian menu.

Starting with a local jewel – jackfruit. Flying Seahorse offers the most incredible Jackfruit Stew that is not to be missed. Carrots, mushrooms, and creamy cashew nuts!

Sheer, cozy, comfort has to be the vegetarian lasagna. It is brimming with perfectly seasoned veggies and is a hearty choice.

Lentil dahl is a settling meal—an aromatic blend of lentils steeped in coconut milk with tofu and brewed in spices and ginger. Another gently spiced option is the vegetarian curry, which consists of coconut curry sauce, grilled tofu, and fresh herbs.

A super popular go-to for vegetarians is Rustic Bruschetta. It is always a winner with toasted bread, tomatoes, avocado, mushrooms, and creamy cheese.

Rice Salad: fresh corn, black beans, tomatoes, cilantro, and cucumber deliver a classic taste combo. This salad vegetarian dish hits the spot as a light main while also delivering on big flavor.

Another much-loved grain-based vegetarian dish is the classic vegetarian couscous with veggies.

Mint and green pea gazpacho, anyone? It’s not only our island land that is green and lush. Served with crusty bread and a fresh little side salad.

Finally, quesadillas are an east win – stuffed with rice and vegetarian cheese.

As you can see, we don’t skimp on spoiling our vegetarian passengers. Never an afterthought.


Why Flying Seahorse Is World Class En Route to our Destinations

Transported through the clouds to the dynamic heart of the Bahamas, Nassau, promises an infusion of storied past, lush landscapes, and spirited traditions.

Conversely, Saint-Martin unveils a serene atmosphere where visitors can connect and reset. Quiet, calming, and world-class -this precious space is littered with hamlets and secret caves.

Meanwhile, a jaunt to Saint Barthélemy, lovingly dubbed St. Barts, epitomizes Caribbean opulence, boasting immaculate shores, haute couture emporiums, and a gastronomic haven. Boat trips are an absolute must while visiting St. Barts! Check out our 6 recommendations of what private jet clients can do in St. Barts here.

Whichever destination escape you’re traveling to, these are the 4 reasons to choose Flying Seahorse as your private jet catering service provider:

  1. Bespoke menus and culinary art: Flying Seahorse elevates private jet dining with a focus on ingredient superiority and bespoke menus. Departing from ordinary catering, our emphasis lies in sourcing premium, locally sourced elements.

  2. Logistical experience and know-how: Experience and Logistical Acumen: Years of high-end gourmet inflight catering to discerning private jet clients translate into an intimate understanding of their specific needs. Flying Seahorse goes beyond simply preparing exquisite private jet meals; they possess a deep comprehension of the unique logistical challenges inherent to inflight catering.

  3. Unshakeable commitment to safety and hygiene: Recognizing the paramount importance of food safety, Flying Seahorse adheres to stringent hygiene protocols and meticulous ingredient handling practices. Every step of the private jet catering process, from sourcing and preparation to delivery, is subject to the highest standards.

  4. Adaptive agility and unwavering responsiveness: Unexpected itinerary changes or last-minute dietary requests are common occurrences in the world of private aviation. Flying Seahorse thrives in such environments. Our dedication to flexibility and responsiveness ensures seamless adaptation to unforeseen circumstances.


Wrapping It Up

Operating a private jet company fosters reliable partnerships essential for excellence and exceeding travelers' expectations. Our dedication to both partners and clients is unwavering, with a promise to elevate the in-flight experience to unparalleled heights.

Call us on WhatsApp at +33643538619 or email us at to discuss your specific high-end gourmet catering needs.



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