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What Food Can You Expect on Board a Private Jet in St Maarten?

Updated: Oct 31, 2023


Private jets offer a level of luxury and sophistication that extends to their dining experiences. In this article, we’ll take you through the top 10 jet menu options you can savor while cruising at 40,000 feet.

That said…

Before we dive into the world of private jet dining, how about we explore the culinary treasures of St. Maarten and understand why it’s a hotspot for private jet travelers?


The St Maarten Experience


#1 Discovering the St Maarten’s culinary treasures

St Maarten is not just a Caribbean paradise; it's a culinary haven. Why, you ask? Well… in short, flavors from the French, the Dutch, and the Caribbean have all found a home on this island.

The local markets are brimming with fresh seafood, exotic fruits, and spices that vibrate.

While you’re there, don't forget to try traditional dishes like conch fritters, Johnny cakes, and the famous Creole sauce. These local flavors create a unique and diverse food scene that serves as the foundation for the delightful dishes you'll enjoy on private jets.

#2 Why private jets love St Maarten

St. Maarten's convenient location makes it a popular destination for those taking private jets. The island's location makes it a prime pit stop for transatlantic flights.

This, coupled with its stunning beaches and world-class resorts, has made St. Maarten a favored destination for jet-setters. Many visitors take advantage of the chance to sample the island's cuisine – which adds a new dimension to their trip.


In this collage, we showcase Flying Seahorse's culinary delights.

Flying Seahorse top 10 jet menu options on private jets


In the world of aviation, as a flight attendant, you already have enough on your plate. That's why we've made it easy by compiling the top 10 jet menu options of private jets – sparing you from navigating our entire jet menu.

#1 Foie Gras (Plan or Truffle)

Foie Gras is luxury dining at its finest. Nothing beats it. That’s due to its exquisite taste and the intricate, time-intensive process of production. It's known for its creamy texture and rich, buttery flavor – hence making it a delicacy sought after by discerning palates.

There’s so much going on behind the scenes to get it to that stage where it looks and tastes pure bliss. Its luxurious appeal doesn’t only lie in its taste but also in the skill required to prepare it to perfection, often involving the fattened liver of a duck or goose.

#2 Seafood Platter

You step off a private jet onto the runway of the legendary Princess Juliana International Airport in St Maarten. The warm Caribbean breeze rustles your hair as you take in the breathtaking views of clear blue waters stretching as far as the eye can see.

The world of high-end travel is a marvelous thing.


there’s a more pressing urge. The… Food!

… And in the heart of St Maarten, a sumptuous culinary adventure awaits

At Flying Seahorse, we take seafood seriously. It’s fresh… it’s vibrant… and most of all, it’s delicious… our Michelin star chef makes sure that it is. Whole lobster accompanied by a seasonal selection of seafood, artfully prepared, is just one example of the ocean delights that await you.

St. Maarten's beachfront setting and diverse marine life make it a haven for seafood lovers. When you opt for a seafood platter on your private jet, you're not just choosing a delicious meal but also a symbol of freshness and quality. These platters feature the freshest seafood available, all of which have been procured from local fishermen. Each item on the plate, from the sweet lobster tail to the crisp crab legs, has been expertly prepared to bring out the fresh ocean taste.

#3 Lobster Tail

Lobster tails are often served on a bed of exquisite asparagus tartare complemented by creamy ricotta, zesty citrus fruits, a rum and ginger sauce, and a drizzle of smoked paprika oil. This seafood specialty perfectly marries the colorful and fragrant accompaniments, creating a harmonious blend of taste sensations.

#4 Truffle Risotto (Optional to add)

The meal would be incomplete without the optional but highly suggested addition of a truffle risotto, especially for those who enjoy the earthy, fragrant qualities of truffles. The harmony of flavors in this rice dish is unmatched.

#5 Cheese Platter

For true cheese fans, nothing beats a carefully chosen cheese plate. It's an excellent choice for a mid-flight snack thanks to its assortment of exquisite cheeses, crackers, and fruits.

#6 Chocolate Sensation

Who says mouth-watering jet menu dessert, says “Chocolate Sensation” dish; and when we think of the Chocolate Sensation dish the amazing Chef at Flying Seahorse makes, unrestricted artistry is the first thing that comes to mind—the sort whose inherent beauty can't be taught.

The difference between this and a painting at the MET is that this one is meant for eating.

The Chocolate Sensation, a twist on the classic milk and cookies, is the signature dessert of Flying Seahorse in St Maarten, and it has been faithfully preserved by our Michelin star chef.

White chocolate ice cream coated with crushed Oreos sits over a velvety crémeux prepared with Valrhona Guanaja chocolate mousse; the combination is irresistible. On top of an Oreo-dusted ice cream globe is a dark chocolate ball, and orbiting it are planet-like dots of raspberry and mango gels. This dessert is a visual and gustatory delight.

#7 Bircher Muesli (Homemade)

Bircher Muesli, or "Bircher-Brenner Muesli" as it was formerly called, was developed as part of Dr. Bircher-ideology Brenner's that advocated for the health benefits of eating raw fruits and vegetables. While on a trek in the Swiss Alps, he was served a meal of shredded apples blended with nuts and honey, which he found to be both filling and refreshing. This was the spark that ignited his creative fire. The meal we now know as Bircher Muesli had its start when Dr. Bircher-Brenner, persuaded of its health benefits, began prescribing it to his patients. His invention eventually became the world-famous breakfast we know and adore today.

#8 Cobb Salad (Chicken/Shrimp)

Those who are watching their weight often opt for a fresh and filling Cobb salad, a jet menu dish that features an entire program of flavors starring avocado, cheddar or blue cheese, cucumber, tomatoes, egg, bacon, and a delightful tarragon dressing. You can even customize it further by adding chicken or shrimp to make it your own and hence, conjure up a delicious and satisfying meal.

#9 Canapé Caviar (Beluga/Oscietra)

Canapés topped with Beluga or Oscietra caviar will kick your private jet meal into high gear. The buttery canapé is the perfect vehicle for the salty burst of caviar.

#10 Vegetarian Lasagna

Vegetarians are not forgotten in the world of private jet dining. A vegetarian lasagna covered with delicious sauces and plenty of cheese is waiting for you to dig in.

The talented team behind the scenes at Flying Seahorse.

Why Choose Flying Seahorse as your go-to catering company in St Maarten


Culinary Excellence:

Drawing from our extensive background in private jet catering, we go beyond mere service to create genuine jet menu options that stand out.

Convenient Location:

Located just ten minutes away from the airport, our state-of-the-art facilities house our talented Chef and his team, who meticulously execute gastronomic creations, in order to ensure freshness and quality.

Food Safety and Quality:

We take pride in upholding the highest standards of food safety by sourcing only the freshest, local, and homemade ingredients, resulting in consistent and exceptional private jet catering services.

Core Values:

Flying Seahorse’s core values, including professionalism, punctuality, finesse, enthusiasm, respect, quality, trust, and love, are deeply ingrained in every aspect of our operation–– to guarantee an unforgettable dining experience.

Luxury Aviation Catering:

Founded with the objective of providing unrivaled luxury private jet catering, we serve destinations from Sint Maarten to St Barths and Nassau, Bahamas.

Highloader Services:

Highloader services are available upon request to enhance the convenience of our catering services.


Parting Thoughts


The world of private jet dining is a realm of luxury and indulgence, and the culinary journey starts right here. We've unveiled the top 10 jet menu options that exemplify this opulence. But before you take flight, why not explore the gastronomic treasures of St. Maarten?

At Flying Seahorse, we take pride in delivering the finest in-flight dining experiences, and we invite you to explore our menu for more delicious private jet menu options. Whether it's the creamy delight of Foie Gras, the freshness of a Seafood Platter, or the artistic perfection of our Chocolate Sensation, our Michelin star chef and his team make sure every bite is a masterpiece.

To embark on this culinary adventure, send us a WhatsApp text at +33643538619 or email us at Your private jet journey begins here – where excellence in aviation catering meets the skies.

Author: Imad Guemmah

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Eva Vela
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