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How to choose the right private jet catering company in St Maarten


A private jet flight attendant, Alex, a worldly woman with a discerning palate, once had meticulously planned the perfect menu for her next flight. She knew who liked what, who had allergies to what – she went above and beyond to make sure that that flight lived up to the hype.

On the day of the flight, however, disaster struck.

The private jet catering company called to cancel her order! Why? Well, they said they were overbooked.

You can only imagine the level of devastation she felt. I mean the passengers were promised a culinary experience beyond compare; and now Alex was faced with the prospect of serving them mediocre food at best.

Mistakes like these are very expensive; and that’s why when in St Maarten, choosing the right private jet catering company can make all the difference in the world.

St Maarten is a paradise for private jet travelers. I mean with its stunning views, pristine beaches, and vibrant nightlife, who wouldn’t want to be there?

But then again, what about the food? As a private jet flight attendant, you know how important it is to provide your passengers with an onboard dining experience to remember.

After all, food is not just fuel, it’s also a way to express your appreciation, impress your guests, and share an experience with them however short it might be.

Now that we know why it’s important to pick the right caterer, the question then becomes, how do you choose the right private jet catering company when you’re in St Maarten? With so many options available, how do you know which one can deliver the premium quality, variety, and service that you and your passengers deserve?


Flying Seahorse | St. Maarten
Flying Seahorse | St. Maarten

4 practical tips to hire the right private jet catering company in St Maarten


Experience and reputation

The saying “when in Rome, do as the Romans do holds especially true in the corporate world. Experience is everything. After all, no private jet catering company with a bad reputation can stay around for long.

What does this mean to you? You want a catering company that has been in the business for a long time, and that has a proven track record of satisfying the most discerning customers – including Alex.

So, how do you make sure one is? A good way to check is to look for testimonials, reviews, and references from previous clients. You can also ask for samples of their menus, photos of their dishes (or check out their Instagram account), and certificates of food safety and hygiene.


Creativity and customization

Look for a private jet catering company with imagination and a willingness to go the extra mile. You don't want just another standard menu of boring dishes. You want a caterer who can create unique and delicious meals that reflect your passengers' preferences, dietary restrictions, and special occasions. You want a caterer who can adapt to different flight schedules, destinations, and seasons; and you most certainly want a caterer who can surprise and delight your passengers with their gastronomic artistry.

In short, you want a caterer who's not afraid to push the boundaries – one who's passionate about food and about creating memories that stand the test of time.


Professionalism and punctuality

When choosing a private jet catering here in St Maarten, punctuality and professionalism are of great significance. Nobody likes being around someone hungry – and around a private jet passenger? Not a chance! What you need is a caterer who can deliver the goods on time, every time, and who can handle any last-minute changes or requests with aplomb.

And I hear you – Imad, really? Professionalism = being on time?!

Now, hold on a second, it’s also about communicating effectively with you and your crew – not to mention providing you with all the necessary information and documentation. It's about respecting your privacy and confidentiality, and following your instructions and specifications to the letter.

In short, you need a caterer who is a true professional. A caterer who is as reliable as a Swiss watch and as discreet as a British spy (not James Bond – although we wouldn’t say no to a Vesper “shaken, not stirred”). A caterer who can make your flight a success, no matter what.


The Flying Seahorse Difference: Why we’re the right St Maarten-based private jet catering company for you

In the heart of the Caribbean, where the azure waters dance with the emerald isles, lies a culinary oasis known as Flying Seahorse. That’s us!

Passion and creativity are the names of our game. We’ve got world-renowned chefs who weave their magic to create culinary masterpieces that set new standards for private jet catering.

  • Flying Seahorse is more than just a catering company. It’s a gateway to an adventure that’s not easy to match. The moment you contact Flying Seahorse, you’ve already said yes. Dare to try? Why don’t you send us a text/audio on WhatsApp or email us at: Our crew members are dying to talk to you.

Flying Seahorse is the kind of catering company whose goal is to provide rockstar-level dining experiences over and over. The food is fresh, the dishes are creative, and the service is impeccable. Plus, you get to fly on a private jet. What could be better?

I'm not sure where to start with the food. The seafood is sourced from the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean, and the chefs are masters of their craft with Michelin stars. I've had everything from the grilled lobster to the seared scallops, and it's all been OMG!

But the food is just the beginning. The dishes are artfully presented in fine packaging, and the flavors are simply mind-blowing. I've eaten at some of the best restaurants in the world, but Flying Seahorse is in a league of its own - so when private jet flight attendants like Alex land, they fly back with their heads up in the sky.

Author: Imad Guemmah

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